Okay, it's Halloween season. It shouldn't be long before it's declared a national holiday. Spooks and goblins need their own day, right? Every year I buy bags of candy. I've learned to get the stuff I really like because I'll end up eating it myself. Guess you could call it self Halloweening. Somehow that sounds a little perverse. I do live in a rather sparse neighborhood, so not many kids venture into an area with no lights. BOO! I hope it cools down - a lot or we'll have something really scary. Been a number of rattlesnakes around. No treat there. Hey, maybe I use a rattle to scare the kids. Bet that would work. Of course then Dad would stomp on my rattle.

I've dressed up for costume parties before, even won a prize. Also got kicked out of one contest. One guest at that party inspected my costume and said that it was anatomically accurate. She should know, she was in charge of gynecology at the local hospital. Anyway, trick or treat with gusto. (Whoever gusto is)

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