EGGNOG season

Eggnog season is here and I've got batches aging in the refrigerator I've cut back a bit from 3 gallons to 2 because what does't gt given away goes into my body and this stuff is RICH! The last year's 10 pounds is lurking still. I used to have a route that I would take giving away the creamy delight, but that has gotten smaller as offices won't allow adult beverages. Too bad for them. Prudes! Why do we let stinking lawyers rub our lives so much? Anyway, I have a gallon of cream whiskey also. It's the best in coffee. Perks up the morning. Those pesky aches and pains waft away and the day takes on a golden glow.

Still got 9 days before I have to shop. Plenty of time. Think I better test the eggnog again.

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