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I haven't blogged anything political in a long time, BUT some things are just too provocative. Nope, I'm staying away from the inundation of Trump stuff.

It's China that's got my attention right now, specifically Hong Kong. HK is one of the most successful stories in the world. When the British gave it back to China, there were a few caveats. (I really have a problem with the colonization that took place throughout the world whereby a few powerful countries raped the resources from the less developed world. But that's history and can't be changed.) What will happen is that the Hong Kong police will finally ask China for help which will bring in the Chinese army. China claims that foreigners are responsible for the unrest. I'm sure there is some of that. Troubles there and with the economics slow the advance of China throughout Asia. So sure, those with interests in keeping the world map as it is are stirring the pot. HK wants as much independence as they can get. It has made them hugely successful. There are very few people trying to sneak into China from HK (smugglers excepted). It's the other way around. WHY? Freedom. China can't allow that. The army will come in, murder those it views as leaders and settle in for the long term. HK will be occupied-forever. Any semblance of independence for HK will disappear. The other reason this invasion will occur is the economic conditions in China are troublesome, to say the least. Chinese history teaches one huge rule. A mad populace will not tolerate a government that can't keep them employed and fed. HK is a distraction from their plight. So you protesters are walking a very fine line. Step over and it's the end of any separation from China. But you know that. I hope you get what you want, whatever that is.

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