DOUBLE EXPOSURE SEX!  What’s that?  When Sue’s orgasm explodes in Clay’s mind, he knows the sensations are not his own, and he begins to keep a diary of his experiences.  Origin of an Empath is that journal, and it follows the birth of awareness and development of empathic abilities.  Like a double exposure photograph, these sensations overlay and merge into powerful experiences.  Sue has never had a lover who seems to have a roadmap of her wants and desires and is able to take her to exquisite levels of pleasure.  As Clay’s abilities increase, he is able to have neo-tantric experiences with others.  When a friend dies, the door opens to metaphysical insights, and he journeys into the next life.  Clay’s sensitivity continues to increase, and his inability to filter out the unwanted feelings from others overwhelms him.  Only through the help of close friends and lovers is disaster averted.

Origin of an Empath will lead you through intense empathic sexual experiences, and it will open your mind to an expanded universe.